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Aug 18, 2014


Don't worry no one knows you're reading this and that you secretly love a Fuzzy Navel, how you long to be able to drink one in public without the shame. The fond memories of a high school dance and the mickey of peach schnapps you drank with an OJ chaser are fading and you need that sweet nectar to revive them.

Or, perhaps you have not so pleasant memories of a swirling gymnasium and every time you smell artificial peach you still feel a little ill.

That's alright, I'm here to help.

I added the twig garnish because I know you liked a Fuzzy Navel just as much at a bush party.

Let's update this "classic", give it the makeover it deserves and the redux you need in order to erase/revive the queasy/happy memories.

Of all of the good things that grow in Ontario, by far my absolute favorite are peaches. I'm working on a batch of peach liqueur, but until it's ready let's just use some fresh, ripe peaches. If you do not have fresh peaches, (maybe you're reading this in December, or perhaps in Russia) any tree ripe, stone fruit would be worth a try with this recipe.

The basket was full, but then liqueur, garnishes and a cobbler happened 

I admit to this drink being a bit more involved but I still think it's something you can make at home. It's worth it to be able to reclaim a drink you once loved. Oranges and peaches aren't very likely bedfellows, both preferring very different growing conditions. To that end I've used fresh peach but opted for an orange liqueur. The aged rum is good for adding a round, sweeter palate without contributing extra sugar.

This might serve as a moment to perform a little taste test. Pour yourself 1/4 oz white rum and 1/4 oz of aged rum. Any two you like or have. Place one drop of water in each glass. Nose (smell) one and try first to notice familiar scents. Then taste it and try to notice familiar flavours. Have a  plain cracker and some water and repeat with the second.

Use this opportunity for your first spirit tasting

What did you smell? What did you taste? Were you able to detect any differences in the two? Did one seem sweeter than the other?

Use this technique as a starting point for tasting and comparing spirits. It doesn't have to be two rums, it could be two gins or two completely different spirits. You'll start to create scent memories that will help you discern what you're drinking and guide your future choices. Like this updated version of a Fuzzy Navel that will hopefully bring you back just far enough to the happy place when you're still at the dance, Blind Melon is playing and you ARE a tap dancing bumble bee.

Special bonus for weekly readers, it's not pink!
The '94
1 oz rum (El Dorado 6yr Deluxe Silver)
1 oz triple sec 40% (Grand Marnier)
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1/4 C ripe peach, roughly chopped
1 tsp (bar spoon) honey
dash angostura orange bitters
splash soda

In a shaker combine all ingredients, stir to dissolve honey. Fill 2/3 with ice. Shake for 15- 20 seconds. Double strain into an old fashioned glass filled with cracked ice, splash with soda. Garnish with orange zest and fresh peach slice.

The peach garnish in the photo has been brule├ęd. Also pictured in the garnish is a twig swizzle stick. I foraged this, stripped the bark, washed and dried it before using it in my drink. 
Fresh peaches and a regular pick or swizzle will be perfectly fine...please don't burn or poison yourself, ever, especially not for a drink garnish.

I'd love to hear about your Fuzzy memories, leave a comment below.


  1. Thanks for this makeover! I sternly warn my teens against peach schnapps (actually, schnapps anything) after having one too many 'holding the hair back' moments with my own girlfriends at school dances : ) Fresh peaches are one of my most favourite things about an Ontario summer, and love the idea of adding them directly to a drink for some *real* peach flavour.

  2. My pleasure.
    I had forgotten the VIP job of holding the hair!
    I'll try to revisit fresh peaches at least one more time before the summer is out.