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Apr 26, 2015


You all have problems! 

Seriously, what is wrong with you people? (see what I did there?)

We asked you to remix your drink of shame and it turned into the best therapy session ever! Letting go of shame can be very cathartic and I love how everyone turned that into a creative outlet. I'm really so glad that everyone felt like it was okay to explain the circumstances of their poor choices, it made for some very funny stuff.

All of the attention to detail and history and ingredients and presentation and technique and unusual spirits and, and and...has stripped some of the ease out of new drink recipes. I like these remixed drinks because they balance modern mixology with a bit of silliness and fun!

I can't thank everyone enough for participating. Wait until you see what everyone did. It was like watching an Oprah makeover show...for drink nerds.

UPDATE: The links are all in the headers. 

First up was Marius at Arcane Potions

PS I Love You

This now delicate, dessert style drink was originally similar to a giant B52. Letting the bitterness step up to the sweetness transformed this previous hangover maker into a totally worth it, late night indulgence.

Next up, a first timer Garnish Girl. 

Perfect 10

She wanted to change a 7 & 7. This isn't a thing in Canada, we do Rye & Ginger, but I can completely understand how it would have tasted and been served. This new version begs dreams of summer and the kind of easy (going) cocktail you serve on the deck to a good friend. Welcome to the herd.

I'm already a huge fan of Ginhound.

Pink Cadillac

But this made my week/life. First of all, just the idea of a Mexican themed bar in Copenhagen is more than I can handle. Second, she made her own "Malibu". Third, the shadow of the drink looks like an awesome dragon. As if that weren't enough it's pink because of homemade grenadine. Glorious.

Craig E joined us from eGullet


He has also tired of the 7& 7 but in his world this is fixed with falernum and lemon oil. He also added some bitters for balance.

Also on eGullet was Chris Taylor

Entering a World of Pain

Canada and Australia have a fairly lax immigration system so I have quite a few Aussie's in my life. Never, has any of them mentioned that a Black Russian has Cola in it.  Transforming it to something so elevated was unexpected but wonderful. Give this one a try, we probably all have these ingredients, or something similar, at home.

Brenda at DCT decided to let the sweet reign.

Purple Prophet

I have to agree with her, not just because we're both from Ontario but because sometimes a sweet drink is just delicious. And if that's not your flow, she leaves instructions for how to dial it back if need be.

And then there was our faithful leader the Virgin Slut himself.

Red Death

Our wrangler, got really personal with this one. So much so that I was very concerned for a moment that his post was going to include instructions for boutique style, designer drink drugs. Like molecular mixology and Breaking Bad were going to collide. Luckily, he instead imparted to us Red Death! A mix of a Kamikaze and an Alabama Slammer, so pretty much the same thing...

Home Bar Girl entrusted us with her secret love of the Tequila Sunrise.

The Santa Monica

Her new version the Santa Monica, boldly mixes Tequila and Campari for an unusual and very pretty update.

Florian Tatsuhito has captured my heart.

Japanese Little Boy 
(yes, that is the name)

It would be difficult to accurately communicate the joy I felt over the next entry. I'm not saying anything else about the ingredients because I insist you go to his site. I don't know if it's outside the box for him, but it's way outside of whatever box I've been living in.

If you like Pina Coladas head over to Doc Elliot's

Paradise Remembered Closeup
Paradise Remembered

I've decided to stop my persecution of coconut based on this drink. I can't believe it but I think this looks so good it may cure me of hating coconut. If you had a tough time with MxMo coconut, check this out.The recipe removes all hints of island bar shame.

Over on Tumblr Chris Hatch turned Shame to Fame.

Marvelous Punch

This is a remix from a Chinese restaurant that offered serious Tiki drinks before it was cool again. If you have an afternoon off, some friends to help you and no where to be the next day, check this out! It's a no shame, no holds barred, potent potable.

Over at Southern Ash things are getting out of hand.

Azure Avenger

If the thought of candied blueberries and the phrase "assertively tangy" doesn't grab you, all hope is lost. This one started out as a blue sport drink, seriously. This is everything I loved about this challenge.

Anyone like milkshakes? Head over to Putney Farm.

The Five Dollar Milkshake

They've made us the five dollar special and I can't wait to make my own. This is exactly the sort of drink that has become forbidden fruit and we've been saved. Hallelujah!

Over at Spirited Away Cocktails, Hilary has taken a different tack.

The Urbanite

She has shown us all how to let it be. Here she remakes a Cosmo, but rather than trying to fix it UP, puts the screws to it, with not one but two kinds of Red Bull.
Very impressive, early adaption of Normcore for cocktails. Bonus, there's an Apple-tini too!

Stacey Markow does all of us a favour by remixing the Greyhound.

Grapefruit Cocktail (2 of 2)
Gin & Grapefruit Fizz

Is anyone else a lover of all things grapefruit?  This version livens up the simple rail drink. It now has depth and interest of flavour as well as a fuller texture. Also, I want to live in the world she creates on her site, so pretty.

Tiki is the answer to so many of life's questions. Just ask JFL at Rated R.

The Tahitian Sunset

This was a Tequila Sunrise. I have much respect for his divulging the truth on how this came to be his drink of choice. The new recipe is not the simple cocktail it started out being. Layered spirits (does anyone remember Ciclone?), sweet/acid balance and even some bitter, he meant business this month.

The Cosmo, was very popular in its youth. With A Bar Above it's all grown up.

P1 - Grown Up Cosmopolitan
The "Grown Up" Cosmopolitan

 This recipe was subtly tweaked, giving us a sophisticated, modern upgrade. Gin? Yes, and something called pomegranate concentrate? I have never heard of it before but I sure wish we had it here. I'd make this in a heartbeat.

Want to Drink Something Completely different?
Updated White Russian
Updated White Russian

Matt is helping us all sleep a little better. One knowing this White Russian is so much better now, and two because spiced milk just sounds like the lead into the best, cozy sleep ever.

Kitchen Shamanism is putting all of us to shame. 

Ragnar the Gentleman

Two languages and the blog is beautiful, another great entry from a first timer. It's a remix on a sweet-sweet drink that had currant and a lemon lime soda. The final drink is lightly sour with a hint of cassis. Great pictures too!

I knew that Booze Nerds would not let us down.

Past Curfew

I don't know how they managed too keep it spirit forward with a Fuzzy Navel, but they did. Another one that I'm going to have try.  I love peach and here you get it twice! 

Then there was Jorg at Giffar Deutschland I'm Sorry I missed this one, it's really fun.

Hawaiian Lips 2.0
This started out as a mish -mash "girl" drink that was supposed to be custom made for the special lady. It's been reformed and refined and is right on trend with liqueur making a comeback.

Last, there was my own confession. I love(d) the Cape Cod.

The New Brunswick

My New Brunswick is an adaptation of a Vodka & Cranberry, I even left the Vodka in it. Named after a province on the east coast, near-ish in the global sense (800 kms) to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They have a similar climate and in late summer and early fall both produce massive quantities of Cranberries.

Another big thank you to Mixology Monday and everyone who participated. This was so fun.

Let me know what you thought of all the shame!

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  1. I definitely have to try the New Brunswick, as I was born there (the not New Jereey one). So many great drinks and so much fun! Thank you!