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Apr 28, 2014

5 Bar Tools Already in Your Kitchen

Need a Bar hack?

Maybe you're just getting started with this whole making cocktails at home thing.

It could be that some well meaning, Hipster bartender convinced you that crushing ice would be impossible without  without a 19th century hand carved hammer.

Perhaps you're just over at a friends place, wanting to show off your drink making prowess and you find yourself without the proper tools.

Here are five tools that can easily be replaced by common items found in almost every kitchen.

Replace a jigger with measuring cups and spoons. There are 2 oz in a 1/4 cup and a 1/2 oz in a Tbsp.

If you don't own a shaker yet, I do recommend buying one in future, but in the mean time an old (clean) jar with a lid will work.

The wooden spoon can't claim the speed and of efficiency of a muddler but it will work. It's best with softer fruits.

A good juicer will save you time but if you roll your citrus on the counter, slice it in half and twist a fork in it, you will get juice!

Don't panic when you see a recipe that calls for crushed ice, put a few handfuls of ice in a (clean) tea towel pull the ends together and bash it! Use a pan or meat tenderizer, anything heavy will work. Bonus, it's terrific stress relief.

Do you know some other bar hacks? let me know, leave them in the comments below.

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