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Apr 21, 2014

MxMo~~Zero Proof Mojito

Mixology Monday's Temperance theme has given us an opportunity to take a break, and a thoughtful reminder that a great beverage and a good time aren't always dependent on alcohol. We're committed to responsible service and this will serve as the first of many posts dedicated alcohol free drinks.

It's also a reminder to us how fortunate we've been to have worked with so many great spirit producers, all of whom, have been dedicated in their commitment to responsible service.
Equally important are the hard working bartenders and servers at your favorite bar or restaurant. When a bartender serves you a glass of water with your cocktail it's not just responsible service, it's a sign of class and confidence. Chances are you're being served by a true professional, who if asked, could produce an alcohol free drink equal to any of her or his other creations.

When next presented with the opportunity to be a responsible and classy host, remember this and prepare yourself with a recipe that works both for guests who are imbibing and those who aren't.

Some recipe notes...
I used some sugar cane to muddle the lime, and for additional garnish as well, but the handle of a wooden spoon will do the job! Also, the recipe calls for quartered limes, but here I used sliced. They're more delicate that way, so if speed is important, stick to the quarters.
There is also mention of leaving the bags in the tea while it cools, tea lovers will know that this will produce bitter tea, but that's what we want here. It will add depth of flavour and extra bitterness and in this case balances out some of what is lost without the alcohol. The Fee Brothers bitters I used have a glycerin base in place of the alcohol, very useful when making a drink for someone that abstains completely.

This recipe is piggy backing on one that I created for our friends at Higgins & Burke, later this week you'll find the version I created with alcohol for their feature, The Weekly Steep. This way you'll have both recipes, ready for your guests this summer who will most certainly want Mojitos, everyone always does! 

Zero Proof Mojito
4 oz brewed tea (1 bag mint, 1 bag green)
3 oz soda water 
1/2 lime, quartered
1/2 bar spoon (tsp) superfine sugar
8-10 mint leaves, plus sprig for garnish
5 drops Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters

Brew 1 green and 1 mint tea bag in 8 oz of water, allow to cool with bags in.
In the bottom of a large tumbler or highball (12-16 oz) muddle limes with sugar. Add tea, mint leaves and bitters. Fill glass 3/4 with crushed ice, stir, top with soda and gently stir again, garnish with mint sprig (optional garnish, sugarcane & extra limes)

Our host this month:  http://shakestrainandsip.com/

Roundup: http://shakestrainandsip.com/2014/04/25/mxmo-lxxxiv-roundup-temperance/

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