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Jun 30, 2014


Even if you're reading this from elsewhere in the world, I hope you too have a day dedicated to gratitude for all of the amazing aspects of your country. Festivals, family picnics and fireworks are the standard celebration here but having this cocktail at your party won't hurt either.

I love having a small business in Canada and I'm so thankful for the opportunities it brings. One of which happened to be the super cool request to craft some uniquely Canadian cocktails for a current promotion at the LCBO.

This choice from the collection, The Loganberry cocktail is no coincidence. I'm from the area where these berries are grown, a huge fan of Forty Creek and I had been looking for an opportunity to use one of their whiskies with Campari. The Gruppo Campari recently purchased the Canadian company. 

Here we expand on the original recipe by adding the whites of a fresh egg or a 1/2 oz  of pasteurized egg whites and going insane with a Campari maple leaf stencil.
The version in the magazine is already crazy delicious  and also simple to make. This just shows you how to take a very easy, tasty drink and transform it into a show piece.

If you want to blow the minds of your guests tomorrow, you'll need an X-Acto blade knife and an atomizer. Carve out your image from a thin piece of clear plastic, I used a lid from a takeout container. Hold the stencil just over, but not touching, your foam. Fill your atomizer with Campari and mist from about six inches away to avoid any large droplets.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday, remember to always enjoy responsibly.

How do you celebrate your country's national holiday? Have a flag cocktail of your own? Tell us about it in the comments.

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